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Twisted Cirque founded in 2019 specialises is Aerial Performance Art, based around Johannesburg and Pretoria. We have a team of special professional artists who have been highly trained to handle not only the demanding  Corporate performances, but also to teach and part all the Aerial wisdom we can through our classes. 

Each class in Twisted Cirque is a challenging, yet fun aerial acrobatic and circus inspired class which is built on aerial art techniques. 

Here you or your young one will learn what its like to be a circus acrobat, using the real equipment such as silks, lyras, trapeze and more. 

Not only is it fun, but there are some great benefits that come out of the class as well, such as fitness, flexibility,  discipline,  hand-eye coordination, confidence and well, super bragging rights.



Early Mornings to Late Evenings  7 Days a Week!

Our times vary according to Class Schedule

Please download our APP to remain UP TO DATE

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Scan the QR Code with  Phone Camera and click  on the pop up link to Download our APP



  • How strong do I need to be to begin training aerials?
    The strength we all need for Aerials is never just there, it gets developed slowly, really slowly… In the beginning your instructor will start your classes with strength and flexibility exercises and over time this will develop the strength you need, in particular, your upper body strength.
  • How Long does it take before I can start seeing results?
    This is a difficult question, which I get asked really often. My general response is, “what you put in, is what you get out” its vague but the truth is, Aerial art is difficult, especially if there is no other base line training (such as gym, dance etc) that means we’re starting from the beginning. I have had students move so fast into performing within a year, but on the flip side also have had students who would need to develop strength and flexibility first, and only perform in two years. The truth is, if you are consistent, you will see your goals much faster.
  • I’m afraid of heights, but I really want to try aerials! Help!"
    Live without fear! Most classes starts their students doing everything on the ground, while they learn the wraps and techniques for any given trick. Piece by piece, wrap by wrap, your instructor will start you off and slowly increase your height as your confidence grows. Even if you start out with a fear of heights, you will eventually overcome that fear as your strength and confidence takes over. Most aerialists are scared of heights, but because so much prep goes into training that they feel comfortable in the air on their apparatus because they learn full body balance and control.
  • What should I wear/bring to my first class?
    For attire there are a few things you definitely want: You want tight fitting stretchy pants that will cover the backs of your knees. Leggings/tights are perfect. If you’re training trapeze or lyra, sweats or yoga pants or even shorts are good Shorts or Hotpants are recommended for Pole Fitness Classes. You want a shirt that will cover your tummy and lower back, without riding up, or that you can tuck in. Don’t wear a belt, or any jewellery that could possibly catch on or tear the fabric. No shoes are necessary. Bring lots of water, and make sure to drink it in class. Also please bring a sweat towel
  • Can I bring a friend along?
    Sure, please just book for them, and yourself or just let me know they’re coming, so I can make sure we aren’t fully booked, and I can give them the correct safety and orientation briefing. They would fall into the compulsory Orientation class, if it is their first time. The easiest thing to do is let yoru friend download our app ( you can invite them from your app by using the INVITE + button on the home page) They can register, purchase a pass and book for class!
  • Do I really need to do the orientation class?
    Yes, orientation is a compulsory class, as it is where you learn safety in aerials, common terminology and its also where you learn the basics of climbing and safety wraps. If you have taken a workshop with Twisted Cirque, you do not need to do an orientation.
  • I have missed a class, now what?"
    Due to the limitations in class space and apparatus, you may still be liable for payment of the class if not cancelled within 24 hours. unfortunately classes don’t roll over.
  • Are there age restrictions?
    Tiny Twists ages are from 6-16 years old, and adult classes are from 16 and up. Please note that any students/performers under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign an Indemnity form on behalf of the student.




Aerial Instructor Gerard started his fitness career shortly after high school in 2002, which focused primarily on strength training. After several years, he set his sights on fitness and began teaching Bootcamp, and other group based classes.


During this time, expanded his energies into different disciplines in search of his passion, these included Triathlon and nutrition

His hunger for perfection in fitness fueled him into Cirque Art, and sharing his knowledge with anyone on the path of fitness and self-improvement, through his classes. In 2014, he joined the Art of Synergy studio, and trained his way to becoming an instructor, specializing in aerials.


As a member of the International Association of Therapists and Armed with Diplomas in Advanced Fitness and Sport Psychology he specialises in training students with performance anxiety.   


Gerard took part in the SACoPA championships representing Twisted Cirque and achieving his Protea colours for Performance art, He entered the event and accomplished his goal of placing first, for both Aerial open as well as Aerial Silks both at an elite level. The outcome was fantastic, with him taking home

  • 2x Gold Medals

  • Provincial colours

  • Springbok Colours

  • Team South Africa

  • Overall Winner (highest points)

  • Grand Champion Aerial Arts

  • He will be representing South Africa at the World Championships in Los Angeles 2023


Gerard started performing in 2014, and currently conducts aerial workshops at the studio as well as kids and adult classes, gearing up our future aerialists to become the next generation of aerial performers.

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